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35 Free Resources to Podcast Like a Pro

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Welcome September!
New months, new goals. For many countries, this is the month when students go back to classes – but, as a podcaster, should you also continue learning?

The answer is simple and clear: yes.
New technologies, tools, and resources are appearing daily on the world wide web, and as the good podcaster that you are, you should be aware of them.

So whether you decided to start a new podcast, wondering what is the best way to plan your next episode or you are just simply trying to be the best student out there, here is our list with the top free resources you can find online to podcast like a pro. 

How to formulate an idea?

Podcasts are audio content shows, true. But there is always an idea behind it.
While having an idea may be easy, for many, organizing it in a way that it turns into a project can be a bit overwhelming. 

First, we always recommend you start with a bit of inspiration. There are amazing podcasts and audio shows out there that could serve you to have the idea of a lifetime.
At Audioburst search, you can easily find the topics you are looking for and listen to short-bursts to understand how that topic is being approached. 

Feeling a bit stuck? Get comfortable and watch this TED talk with Giovanni Corazza, professor of the University of Bologna, about how to get out of the box and generate creative ideas.
Surprise your audience with something they never heard before!

Want to refresh your memory from the beginning? Here is how you can start a podcast from scratch. 

How to organize future steps? 

Ok, step one: completed. Now you need to make sure that idea comes to life. 

Being productive and staying focused when it comes to organizing the future steps of your podcast, episode or show, is crucial. 

1. Listen to this burst by Audioburst Creator, Lyndal Harris, where she reveals one of her secrets to have great podcast productivity: batching.
If you have not yet heard about this technique or would like to learn more, here is the burst.

Pre-Recording Resources – Everything you Need Before Pressing the Record Button

You have it clear in your mind, now it is time to set the ground ready for your recording session.

2. If you are wondering how to write a professional podcast script, here’s a video from Podcasting 101, a series brought to you by PRX and Google Podcasts that will teach how, in just three minutes.

3. Ready to bring a second voice behind the mic? Check out this guide to bring fantastic guests to your podcast. And to make it easier, you can find email templates to communicate with them as well.

4. Do you need to turn your home into a studio and do not know where to start? Read this useful guide from The Podcast Host, about how to make sure your DIY studio has the sound every professional recording room would be jealous of.

5. Thinking of renewing your studio gear? Want to upgrade that old mic, or maybe get new headphones that will make you feel like Joe Rogan?
Find out what is the most suitable podcasting equipment for you with this guide from PodcastInsights.

6. Scared of spending too much money? Calculate your budget understanding how much podcast equipment actually cost, with this article from The Podcast Host.

Recording Resources – More than Just Talking

If you thought that the recording process started when you press the red button, and ended when you press it again, let us warn you – it’s much more than that.
The art of recording a podcast that is meant to be enjoyed by your audience, is something serious.
You need to take into consideration various factors that will have a direct impact on how your episode or show sounds, such as: sound quality, noises, awkward silences, and more. 

7. Want to find out what is the best software for you to record your episode? Take a look at this Fire Nation article with the best recording software available this year.

8. We know what the motto of this year is stay home.
So, during these unprecedented times, podcasts that had more than one host, or were used to bringing guests to the show, had to adapt to online interviewing.
If this is your case, do not miss We Edit Podcasts’ article about the best 8 remote interview softwares.

9. If you think Skype is your go-to option, here’s Rachel Corbett’s blog about how to record an episode with people in different locations.

10. Planning to go record in an open space or field and worried about what the sound might turn out like? Alex Kontis, from Sonic Podcasts, has some ingenious ideas for you.

11. Are you ready to take the next challenge when it comes to recording, and you want to record a live event? We also got you covered with this article from Transom.

Editing Resources – It’s All About the Quality

Any professional podcast or radio show must go through some magic before it can be listened to by the audience. And by magic, we mean editing.
While we are sure you are already an excellent host and are super capable of running a show on one shot, there are always things that can be improved so the pace of your episode gets better. 

12. First of all, it is important for you to decide which tool you will be using to edit your podcast.
If you feel you cannot make up your mind, take a look at this comparison list done by Filmora.

13. In case you decided to go with Audacity, here’s a great tutorial on how to start editing by Katie Steckly.

14. Is GarageBand the right option for you? If you think it is, Ben Leavitt will teach you how to edit and export a podcast using it.

15. Thinking about taking it a step further and entering the realm of video podcasts? Here’s a great read from our partners’ blog, Blubrry.

16. If you believe editing is not enough and you want to mix it too, here’s a must handbook: NPR Producer’s Handbook to Mixing Audio Stories.

17. Want to make sure your voice and your co-hosts or guests sound like someone who should win a radio presenter award? Read how to process vocals or voices for podcasts, by EnvatoTus+.

18. Finally – want to know if your ears are trained to be the best audio producer in the world? Take this test by NPR.

Hosting Resources – Your Podcast’s Dream Home

The hosting platform you pick will be the house of your podcast. From there, you will be able to share your audio content into multiple platforms – including Audioburst.
So such as good real estate, your podcast should care about the same thing: location, location, location.
Before deciding which is the best hosting for you, you should analyze the following characteristics:

  • Storage space
  • Podcast ownership rights
  • Cost 
  • Effort level

Now that you know what to look for, it is time to decide where you want your podcast to live.

19. PodcastInsights created this fantastic 31 podcast hosting sites list, so you can understand what options are out there and which one is the best for you.

20. If you want to learn more about what a hosting platform is, and why is it so important for your audio content, take a look at this article written by marketing professional Eduard Klein.

21. Are you interested in the code behind it all? Here’s a Transform blog post about hosting and distribution.

Directories Resources – Share Your Content with the World 

Now that your podcast already found its home, it is time to invite everyone to the housewarming party!
Podcast aggregators or directories are channels where you share your RSS feed and reach your audience. 

22. Having trouble finding that link? Here’s a guide about how to find your podcast RSS feed url.

23. RSS compiled a directory list with all the aggregators you should be paying attention to this year. Of course, Audioburst is there.

24. Another way to share your podcast is by joining online podcast communities. Like, for example, our Audioburst Creators one. 

Design Resources – What’s your image? 

Creating an image for your podcast, such as a good logo or a website, is a great way for people to start identifying your content with visuals.
While there are multiple ways you can do it, here are some of our favorite resources to help you stand out online. 

25. Digital Cruch came out with this list of the best 15 free design resources of 2020. Discover which are the right ones for you.

26. Thinking of creating a website? Video creator Steward Gauld compares the top 5 free options.

27. If you are thinking of becoming more professional in this field, here’s a free photoshop beginners course by expert BringYourOwnLaptop.

28. Thinking of the right image and you do not know how to create it? Here is Entrepreneur’s list of 7 sources of free high quality stock photos.

Marketing Resources – Your podcast, your brand

At the end of the day, your main goal is to have people listen to your podcast. While all the advice we gave you above is important to create your podcast, a good marketing strategy is vital to amplify your audience. 

29. Here’s the ultimate podcast marketing list you were looking for. 

30. Sharing bursts, or short audiograms of your episodes, is a fantastic way to present your content in small bites.
Create audiograms and increase your discoverability with Audioburst Creators.

31. Using transcripts of your podcast episodes or audio shows is not just great for accessibility, but it also plays a significant role in content discovery.
Here’s a guide to using transcripts for improved podcast SEO.

32. Wondering how to become a star on Social Media? You can now enrol in the Social Brilliant course, now for free.

33. If you are looking for inspiration, here are 7 podcasts you should learn from to rock it on Social Media.

News Resources – Stay up to Date!

Creating content is easier when you are informed with the newest trends about the topics you focus on.
Here are some of our favorite ways to stay up to date:

34. Sign up to Google Alerts with the topic you want to be informed about. You can pick how frequently you get information too!

35. As a podcaster, you know there is no other way to stay up to date than listening to podcasts.
At Audioburst you can find the best playlists for you, with all the information you need to create relevant content for your audience. 

Do you know of a great resource we missed? Tell us on Twitter!
Become a podcasting pro and reach more listeners with Audioburst Creators!

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