Audioburst is the world's first AI-based Audio Search & Delivery Platform

About Audioburst

Audioburst, the Audio Search and Delivery Platform, makes audio content accessible to users, whenever they want it and wherever they are. A powerful suite of APIs and SDK solutions enable app developers, web publishers, automotive companies, and device makers to tap into the world's largest indexed library of fresh talk audio content. Adding a layer of informative, entertaining, and inspiring short-form audio content streams increases the user experience and introduces new monetization opportunities for Audioburst partners such as Hyundai, Samsung, and Flipboard.

Our Technology

Empowering the proliferation of ideas, knowledge, and perspectives through universal access to the world’s audio content

  • Audioburst
    Library & Search

    Using keywords and phrases, people can find the latest bursts of news aired on radio, TV, and podcasts

  • Cross-Platform

    Easily accessible APIs allow app developers to offer their users a broad range of infotainment options, on demand, wherever they go

  • Listening Identity
    & Personalization

    Create a customized audio stream for each listener, based on their interests, past behaviors and trending topics


  • Tel Aviv

    45 Rothschild Blvd,
    Tel Aviv

  • Palo Alto

    228 Hamilton Ave,
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    United States

  • Tokyo

    Kōjimachi palace 203,
    Kōjimachi 2-14-6,
    Chiyoda-ku Tōkyō

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