Allow your audience to interact with your content.

The intuitive Finder audio player lets listeners engage with your audio - search, skim and share content by keyword, brand, person or topic.

Do you run a website for a podcast network, radio station, personality or online event?

Help your users retrieve their favorite highlights and discover new content!

Take your site to the next level with the new Audioburst Finder.

Audioburst's Network Finder promotes content from multiple broadcast hosts. Listeners can switch between hosts to hear highlights and search results from each.

Solution Highlights

  • Finally, a way to actually search content intuitively!
  • Listeners can now engage with the content they seek
  • Sponsorship options, both visual and in-audio
  • An internal search engine embedded in your site
  • Choose or design a skin to suit your site
  • Audioburst's Host Finder is designed to promote content from a single source, allowing listeners to interact and engage with a host's audio content.

The Audioburst magic

  • Ingest

  • Cut

  • Index

  • Review

  • Deliver

Audioburst ingests your podcast or live broadcast and creates short, searchable clips “bursts” from your content.

Bursts are accessed through the searchable ‘Finder’ player, easily integrated into your site.


Shared content opens up a range of possibilities.

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Finder sharing screenshot
NFT Marketplace Card


Let your listeners own your story with audio NFTs. Strengthen customer loyalty while creating new monetization opportunities.

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