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Finding and inviting Guests for your Podcast [Tutorial + template]

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As a podcast host, you already know that if you want to keep your audience engaged with innovative and groundbreaking content, the easiest way to do it is by finding another voice behind the mic with innovating and groundbreaking opinions. 

Having a guest on your podcast not only allows you to be different every time but to provide your audience with information that can only come from an expert in the field. 
Yes, probably you already know that. 
But what you are probably wondering is…how to reach out to the best guests for your podcasts, and most importantly, how to make them come to your show? 

Listen: If you want advice on how to reach out to your ideal guest given by a podcaster himself, listen to this burst by Audioburst Creator So You Want to Be A Podcaster and remember to take some notes.

So here we gathered a few resources and recommendations to show you how you can foster meaningful connections in the podcasting arena!
Check out our guest invitation template (87% respond rate!)

The Planning Stage ✍?

The Idea?

So you decided that you want to host a guest speaker on your show, that’s awesome!
First of all, you need to ask yourself the following question:
What do my listeners want to learn? 

Get to know your audience by understanding their fears, their hobbies, their likes and their concerns.
Make sure you pick a topic that will make them say “this is exactly what I wanted to listen to!”. Take as much time as you need to brainstorm.

The Research?

Now that you know what topic you want to cover on your podcast, it is time to find the best person – or maybe group of people – to do it with. 
In order to find the perfect guest, you will need to do some research on the topic you chose. 


Researching authors is a fantastic way to find experts on the field you would like to dive into. A great way to do this is by searching on Amazon Books different pieces on the subject you decided on, and check who wrote them. 
You can also subscribe to Google Alerts, in order to get newspaper pieces or blog posts about your topic. Just look out for the author of the article, and boom! You got yourself a desired guest. 


As a podcast host you probably already know that there are many experts, just like you, sharing their knowledge on the online audio realm.
Find other podcasts that are relevant to your topic, and research their hosts and guests.
Want to make sure you can find your ideal guest by searching everything that was said on that episode? Go to Audioburst search and discover what are the latest bursts on your topic. 

Your Agenda

Sometimes the things we really want are right in front of us”. 
Have you ever heard about this phrase?
Just like the moral, sometimes the guest you are looking for is right in your LinkedIn connections list. Or maybe is a friend from childhood. Or the partner of an old roommate.
Utilize social media and openly ask your connections for help. You will be surprised with the result. 

Video Content

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world, and while we are sure you already tried Google, trying this video platform to search for the topics you are interested in, is also a remarkable way to get to knock on the right doors. 

Social Media

It is almost impossible to avoid the fact that everything that is happening now, is also happening in social media.
So be creative, and think of the hashtags your perfect guests could be used to share their knowledge. Follow them on all your preferred platforms!

Community Groups

While podcasting can be something professional, or a hobby, it doesn’t matter how you treat it – you will always want to find new inspiration about it. 
That is why many podcast hosts join online communities, where they can learn new things, exchange opinions, ask for help and provide answers to others.
Here at Audioburst we have our own Creators Community, join it now to create significant relations with other podcasters and grow your audience!

Webinars and Online Events

While meeting people face to face may seem like something from the past, there are a lot of places in the world wide web to get to know people while learning about one particular subject.
Joining webinars dictated by experts or companies, or assisting online events can be great places for you to amplify your connections and discover your perfect guest.
The Dots offers a curated list of online events that may be exactly what you need. 

The Introduction?

You decided on a topic. You found your perfect guests. Now, it is time to contact them. 
Before you reach out, make sure your message is very clear in terms of:

  • Who are you? 
  • Why them? 
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What will your podcast get out of it?
  • What will they get out of being a guest?

Then, decide on a platform to establish communication. It will not be the same if you are sending them an email, if you got their contact to communicate via phone, or if you are mentioning them on a tweet. Therefore, you will need to adapt your message accordingly. 

Following your desired guest on social media, in order to stay up to date with their new projects and current situation, is a fantastic way to send a message that will show your admiration, and at the same time, respect their time. 
Just remember not to be creepy!

Guest invitation template

Need some help writing them an introductory email? We created a template for you!? Keep it short and simple!

Subject: 2 options:

1. Hey [Guest Name], I would love to have you as a guest on [podcast name]

2. Hi [Guest name], What is your opinion on [subject, place here the subject you will be interviewing your guest about]?

The email:

Hello [name], it is nice to (e) meet you!
My name is [your name] and I am the host of [your podcast name], a podcast about [what is your podcast about? say it in a few words!].

I came across your work on [platform, podcast, media, magazine, etc] and it would be an honor to have you as a guest in my show.

My listeners would be very interested in learning more about [mention a piece of work your desired guest has done, remember: study all their work and make them feel appreciated! ]

Would this be something interesting to you? Interviews are typically [x] minutes long and are conducted [online? offline? If offline, on which platform? Zoom, Hangouts, etc].

Let’s talk!  [link this to your personal calendar, so the guest can already book one of your available slots.]

Thank you,

[Your name]

 The Set Up?

What did you just say? Did your guest agree to be on your show? Mazel tov!
Now it is time to schedule some time for you to record your next favorite episode.
Send a clear message to your guest including: 

  • 3 possible dates and times.
    Want a tool that can do this for you? Meet Acuity!
  • Will it be online or offline? In case it is offline, tell them about the platform you are going to use. In case it is offline, send them the address and let them know about parking lots or public transportation nearby. 
  • Send some questions in advance so they can come prepared. If it’s a freestyle talk, make sure you tell them the specific topics you will want to focus on. 
  • How long does it usually take you from the moment you record to the moment you publish the content? Setting realistic expectations is crucial to avoid future problems. 
  • Where will you publish the content? 

Now, if you think this was all about the guest – big mistake! You are the leading part of this episode and you should be prepared to conduct an interview and get the best out of your guest.

If you want to learn how to do this step-by-step, do not miss this video, from Pat Flynn, on how to prepare yourself for an awesome podcast interview

The Recording ?️

It’s your big day!
Most likely it will be the first time to speak with your guest live, so make sure that you have a small relaxing talk before actually starting recording.
Take a few things into consideration:

  • Has your guest been on a podcast before? 
  • From all the questions you shared with them, which one is the one that will make them shine the most? 
  • While not everyone is a natural host as you, some people take a bit longer to adapt to a recording session. Be patient and guide them to the right direction!

The Thank You Note ?

You did it, our fellow podcaster! You found a great topic your audience is interested in, you researched the best experts on the field, and you manage to get one or two of them in your show to create an unforgettable episode. 

Depending on what is your schedule, we always encourage you to send a message giving them the exact date and time of the episode publication, as well as thanking them again for their time, effort and attitude.
This message is the best seed to grow a relationship. 

Want some inspiration on how to send a message that helps grow this relationship?
He crafted an thank you email template for you to use ?

Subject: Thank you for being a guest on [your podcast name]!

Hi [name], 

Just wanted to thank you, once again, for your time on [date when the interview was recorded]. I really enjoyed our conversation and learned so much about [topics discussed].  

I will be publishing the episode on [publishing date] on [name your platforms: website? social media?].
Also, here is the link that you can share it with your audience: [link to the episode

Would love to stay in touch for future collaborations, 

All the best,

 [your name]

Ready to hit publish? We strongly recommend that as soon (and by that, we literally mean the second after) you start promoting the episode on your social channels, you let your guests know and you send them all relevant hyperlinks, so they can publish it too. 

Remember to tag them in every post, and give them the credit they deserve!

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