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Audioburst’s extensive marketing management service helps audio creators, large and small, do more with their content

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Why join Audioburst Creators

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    Content-based distribution channels

    Our AI Algorithm segments your content and delivers it to listeners, based on their interests, past behaviors, and trending topics

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    Your channels, amplified

    Use Audiograms, transcripts and embeddable player to reach your listeners through Social Media and Search engines

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    We work with everyone, from big hosting services to your own server - simply add your RSS feed or streaming URL and we will take it from there

What is included

    • Ingest

      Automatic transcript

      Free automatic transcripts to boost your SEO

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      Premium transcript

      Extra quality transcript to use in your social sharing snippets and display

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      Unlimited video creation

      Turning your audio clips into visual, highly engaging audiograms.

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      Cross & multiple shows actions

      Search, Episode's highlights and full analytics on all your shows in one place

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      Find any mention and clip across all your shows and content with a simple free text search

    • Highlights reel

      Create an engaging short playlist from clips from across your shows to add to your site.

    • Multiple users collaboration

      Have all your partners collaborate and share on one platform

    • Roles and permissions

      multi-account management with full users control, management and limitations

    • Unlimited social account connections

      Streamline your social posting process with direct integrations to all your social accounts

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