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Index, search, edit, share and monetize your talk-audio content in seconds

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Your Audio Content Management System

    • Ingest audio in real-time via RSS or audio upload

    • Advanced search of full shows and episodes as well as specific bursts

    • Powerful recommendation engine

    • Code-free editing of:

      • Audio content
      • Video and audiogram creation
      • Metadata
      • Intros and outros
      • Transcripts
    • Ingest

      Automatic and human-verified transcripts

    • Ingest

      Roles and permissions for multi-account management

      • Content and consumption analytics
    • Ingest

      Automatic segmentation and indexing of audio into "bursts" (shorts clips)

    • Ingest

      Collaboration, commenting and approval workflow


Audioburst Creators for Enterprise helps you leverage your talk-audio content to bolster audience growth and new revenue opportunities.

Audioburst’s eco-system consists of partners from the web, app, consumer electronics, and automotive industries looking to offer short-form, rich, and engaging content. With Audioburst, you have the potential to reach tens of millions of new listeners every month.

The Audioburst Magic

  • Add

    Simply add your RSS feed or streaming URL. Our proprietary AI engine will take it from there

  • Index

    Our NLP technology segments the content into searchable short clips, keywords, entities, and speakers

  • Distribute

    Utilize Audioburst distribution channels and repurpose your content through social media to connect with new listeners

  • Analyze

    Sports, politics or just fun facts - get real data and learn what your listeners care about

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