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Today, after years of research and development, we are excited to launch  Audioburst Platform for Apps, the world’s first audio content SDK and full API library for engagement and off-screen monetization.

Check out our official announcement here

When we founded Audioburst five years ago, we set out on an ambitious quest to organize the world’s talk audio content and make it accessible to users – whenever they want it and wherever they are.

In order to do so, our team has developed an AI-driven talk audio search and delivery platform that listens to thousands of premium podcasts and radio stations 24/7, automatically analyzing the content and building an enormous, fully-indexed library of talk audio.

At the heart of the platform are patent-granted and patent-pending algorithms that identify segments in each podcast episode or radio show and automatically cut hours of audio into short clips we call “bursts.” This secret sauce allows us to create dynamic content streams of audio covering any topic, as broad as Fitness/US News, or as specific Meghan Markle/Tesla.

You can demo our full capabilities by downloading our Android or Apple app. 

And today we’re bringing this entire experience to mobile apps

Here’s why.

100 million Americans who are “screened out” and looking for off-screen content, listen to podcasts regularly. Why should podcasting apps be the only ones to benefit from this big shift in consumer behavior? 

We believe that audio content is the perfect accompanying layer for any app interested in boosting user engagement and retention. 

Take Perfect365, for example. The AR beauty app with 100 million users, decided to tap into our library because “With Audioburst, our audience now has the added benefit of audio content.  What’s more, our users don’t need to leave the Perfect365 app to receive relevant and timely beauty tips from the hottest beauty podcasts.”

Perfect 365

For applications that have not yet introduced an audio experience, we’re offering an SDK that includes a banner-like player or a beautiful floating button that very quickly adds a playback option to apps and offers the immersive experience of listening to a wide range of content playlists. 

Using our friendly step-by-step implementation process, product managers can customize the UI of the SDK so that it will best fit their app:

  • Dark skin or light skin
  • Color choice customizations
  • Draggable and expandable Button Player/ Banner Player – fixed to the bottom

Apps that already have a player can use our API library to add even more capabilities, such as personalized experience, keyword search (by voice or text), and of course a choice of any of our 100+ content playlists.

We know that some app developers might see audio implementation as challenging, so we’ve designed the SDK in a way that doesn’t require more than one sprint to QA. 

We use the Kotlin framework for our API Library, allowing us to serve both android and iOS with the same code-base, while our SDKs are written in native iOS/Android code, as they feature UI elements.

Check out our self-serve dashboard here. We are also on GitHub if you want to see the SDK before getting started. Or contact us for more information. 

Ready to add audio? Have feedback? We’d love to hear from you.

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