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We’re excited to share that Audioburst has been named a 2021 Project Voice Award Finalist in the “Best Voice/AI Integration Within A Mobile App” category.

The Project Voice Awards “honor global best-in-class achievement across voice technology and conversational AI.”

Audioburst was short-listed alongside four others vendors:

  • Spotify – Spotify’s audio player is probably no stranger to you, as it is integrated into more apps than any other vendor. And while it’s sleak and leads to an enormous music library, users interested in podcasts will find limited options for searching and discovering content (only based on episode metadata – no real granular indexing is done). The player does not provide short-form talk audio so one has to dive deep into an entire podcast before finding out the actual content. And last, Spotify offers very limited monetization and revenue opportunities to app developers.
  • Spokestack offers a white-label voice assistant that can easily be added into mobile, enriching the app UI with voice. The company says that “voice requests can be more efficient than navigating multiple visual menus.”
  • HCS Voice Packs seems to offer a solution similar to Spokestack, but focused on games developers.
  • Embla is a bit different, a ist’s a stand-alone app that focuses on Siri-like voice-opearted questions and answers but in one language – Icelandic.

    And then there’s Audioburst, with our leading API/SDK solution for adding short-form talk audio content into any app. 

Here’s the full list of finalists across categories.

The winners will be announced April 15, in conjunction with Project Voice Worldwide. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony!

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