Audioburst API has been Selected as a 2018 API Award Winner

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Audioburst is forging the way for innovative audio content integration, enabling voice search and a personalized listening experience within any product.


Audioburst is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a 2018 API Award winner in the category of ‘Best in Media APIs.’

Consisting of 20 categories and judged by a panel of industry leaders, The API Awards “celebrate technical innovation, adoption, and reception in the API & microservices industry and by the developer community.”  Audioburst was selected based on three criteria:

  • Attracted attention and awareness.
  • Being generally well-regarded by the developer & engineering community.
  • Existing as a leader in our sector for innovation.

Audioburst’s APIs are available via our Developer’s portal and make it possible for app developers to incorporate audio into any product and easily enrich their users’ experience, increase engagement, and extend the amount of time spent in-app.

Audioburst APIs allow your users to enjoy:

* Personalized playlists, tailored to their hobbies and interests
* Audio search, providing contextually relevant results
* Real-time audio alerts based on keyword or topic
* Access to one of the largest spoken audio libraries in existence

The Audioburst experience also provides you with analytics that give valuable insights into your user’s habits and behavior.

Our solutions can currently be found in products by brands such as Bose, Radioline, and Harman.

The 2018 API Award is evidence of Audioburst’s consistent efforts to add value to the user experience through high-quality audio, accessibility, and personalization. 

If you’re interested in enriching your apps with audio, visit:

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