2020 Year-in review

While 2020 was a challenging year for many, I’m extremely proud of how the Audioburst team pulled through, continued its great work, and brought the company to new heights.

Here are some of our many achievements, as we continued to deploy the world’s first search and delivery platform:

Bringing the largest searchable talk audio library to mobile apps and publishers

  • Publishers such as Flipboard, News Break, Radioline and many others deepened their relationship with us and integrated our audio player and content stream into their pages and applications. 
  • As the number of integrations grew, we saw a 100% increase in search API calls, enabling us to deliver next-gen listening experiences to millions.
  • This year, our AI engine listened to, analyzed, and created  2.1 million bursts (short-form audio segments) – more than ever. 
  • To date, we’ve analyzed hundreds of millions of minutes, creating the world’s largest searchable library of talk audio content.
  • We added 25 new playlists about topics such as Cybersecurity, eSports, Advertising, and Media, bringing our library to a total of more than 120 playlists.
  • Exactly one year ago we introduced several local news playlists. These quickly became among our most popular audio feeds.

Enabling podcasters to fly high

  • More than2,300 users joined our SaaS platform Creators this year, joining thousands of other customers who use our tools to promote their podcasts and grow their audience.
  • Core product functionalities were added, such as the ability to manually upload audio and create a highlight reel before publishing a podcast. Highlight reels allow creators to attract more listeners and monetize their podcasts.
  • We also added an analytics dashboard to track how activities help grow a podcast’s listener base. 
  • In September we introduced a premium transcription and caption feature, which is crucial for making a podcast accessible to people with hearing loss or deafness.

Allowing enterprises to manage their audio content

  • In 2020 we launched Creators SMB and Enterprise, an audio CMS system with powerful search and discoverability. It also supports collaboration within the organization.
  • We introduced Audioburst Sponsored Pages, which allow brands to create immersive audio experiences with their own content or sponsoring third-party content

Growing our brand

  • Our Japan office, established in the summer of 2019, grew significantly in 2020 and began selling successfully. Some of Japan’s largest brands and media owners signed on, including Dentsu, Nippon Broadcasting system, Radiko, and Tokyo FM. 
  • We launched a new website
  • Audioburst was recognized as the top 17 visionaries in voice by Voicebot.AI, alongside Amazon and Google.

Supporting our people

  • We continued growing our team in Israel, the US, and Japan and have reached 45 employees.
  • Like many, we adopted the hybrid model, allowing people to come into the office or work from home and found this balance highly beneficial for everyone.

And we’re just getting started. We’d love to work with you on making 2021 an even better year. Let’s join hands to deliver the next-gen listening experience to the world.