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The new podcast marketing calendar and why you need trailers

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According to our data, the average podcaster publishes an episode every 8 days. According to research by Dan Misener of Pacific Content), the average episode length is 36 minutes.  

Put the two together, round it up, and you’ve got about 30 minutes of audio content to work with every week. Now, the question is what do you do with it?


Luckily, digital talk audio is ideal for repurposing. 

Today, it’s easier than ever to create Audiogram video clips, blogs, and image-quotes out of your podcast, just moments after you hit publish. 

Audioburst Creators automatically extracts the highlights of your podcast into “bursts.” These are short-form audio segments, ready to be shared on social media. 

So now you have 8-10 bursts and one long-form podcast. You can use the short-form content and link it to the full episode to get more listeners. 

This should last you the entire week. 

But what about before? 

Does Hollywood wait until after a movie hits the Box office to get you to watch it? Of course not – trailers are released long ahead of a movie.

And this is exactly what podcasters should get in the habit of doing – release a podcast trailer.

Best practice is to utilize the episode content both before and after it is published. This is why we recently developed a feature that allows you to upload the episode before launching and distributing to Spotify, Apple or Google podcasts. 

You can upload mp3, mp4, or wav files and start creating bursts and playlists days before you go live.

Podcast trailer views and engagement generates curiosity and expectation, especially if you’re able to capture a moment that will evoke an emotional response (a particularly surprising, saddening, or funny bit, for example). 


You can include a question that will be answered during the episode.

How long should a trailer be?

In terms of best practices, we’ve measured and discovered that the optimal trailer format and length is a 30-second audiogram video-clip with captions. 

This length allows sharing on Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram stories. The call-to-action is subscribing or signing up to get notified when the full episode is out (or when the answer is revealed).

Share your trailers with us – we can’t wait to see them!

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