Audioburst releases Creators Premium, a comprehensive audio marketing management platform dedicated to helping podcasts and radio shows grow their audiences

Audioburst Creators is an online marketing automation and orchestration service for podcasts and radio shows. The platform allows users to create short clips or “bursts” of their content in both audio and video formats. These bursts can be shared via social media channels, embedded on websites and promoted through the Audioburst network.

The platform offers standard and premium-level automatic transcription services, convenient content search functionality, extensive listener analytics and admin-assigned roles and permissions for team-based usage.

Starting today, the service is available for individual podcasters as well as talk radio teams and enterprises.

Amir Hirsh, Audioburst CEO:

“Audioburst Creators is exactly the tool that will help the podcasting and radio industry index, segment and share content with their target audiences and we’re thrilled to be a part of this effort. Audio creators that use our product are better placed on the listener’s radar and will see a significant jump in growth and new discovery.”

“I love using Audioburst because it allows me to promote my audio podcasts in a visually captivating way. I publish the video bursts on my social media channels because it receives far more engagements than just an audio clip.”

Daniel Hartz, host of Sustainability Champions

Features include:

  • Automated segmentation and audiogram video clip creation 
  • Organic and paid promotion on Audioburst’s distribution channels 
  • Premium (editable) transcription 
  • Team collaboration and user permissions
  • Advanced content search 


About Audioburst: 

Audioburst connects audio content creators to relevant distributors by making content searchable, discoverable, and shareable with the click of a button. Audioburst uses AI and NLP to ingest, segment, index, deliver, and learn from millions of minutes of daily talk audio content. This translates into powerful metadata and personalization capabilities for the creators and brands they partner with and an enhanced experience for their users. Audioburst is partnering with some of the world’s biggest tech, media, and automotive brands including Samsung, LG, Blubrry, Nippon Broadcasting Inc. and more.