5 Time-saving Techniques Every Podcaster Needs to Know

5 Time-saving Techniques Every Podcaster Needs to Know

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Make and Market Your Podcast Faster and More Effectively

Whether you’re a veteran or new to the world of podcasting, the process of planning, recording and marketing an episode can be incredibly time-consuming. Here are some practical tips and valuable tools for creating your content and getting the word out more quickly and efficiently. 

Planning Your Episodes  – Set Yourself Up for Success

Want to hit the ground running? Then don’t try to keep it all straight in your head. One of the best tools for efficient podcast planning, management and delivery is Monday.com’s podcast planning templates, which allows you to add action items, assign team members (if you’re lucky enough to have a team!) and monitor progress. It enables you to share your tasks breakdown with deadlines and reminders, so you and your team can stay-up-to-date and on schedule.

Recording Your Episodes – Stay a Step Ahead

If you’ve planned your episode well, your studio time shouldn’t exceed the episode length by much, so a 25-minute episode shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes to record.
One great recording time-saver is a method called “batch. It involves recording multiple episodes at once, in a single sitting. If your podcast covers the week in politics or sport, this is clearly not an option, but if your content isn’t related to current events then batch recording is a great way to keep ahead of schedule and save time. Prolific podcaster Rachel Corbett explains why you should batch record your podcast and how to do it efficiently in this recent blog post. Blogger and youtuber Krystal Proffitt has a great video detailing how to batch record your episodes in 5 easy steps:

Editing Your Episodes – Delegate or DIY?

Before you even start the post production process, you should consider whether it’s worth your while to do your own editing. 

On the plus side, you maintain total control over the finished product. For novice podcasters, the editing process can be an invaluable learning experience, since it requires you to listen closely to your performance and listen to what works and what doesn’t. You’ll get faster with practice, but there’s no getting around the fact that it can eat up a considerable amount of your time. 

Prefer to go with outsourced editing? Expert editing services will get you great results, but comes with a heavy price tag. If you’re wondering where you can find affordable podcast editors, check out these options on Fiverr and Upwork. If you decide that doing it right means doing it yourself, this blog post from We Edit Podcasts, shares handy tips and tricks on how to edit your podcast quickly and efficiently. This informative video from The Reaper Blog shows you how to edit your audio content 30% faster:

Marketing Your Podcast: Discoverability is Key

For many podcasters, this is the hard part. It’s quite likely that marketing is not your professional area of expertise and it already feels like a lengthy, time-consuming task just to try to begin learning how to get your voice heard over the zillions of other podcasters clamoring for attention. And if you don’t know how, it can be difficult and frustrating to find the time and the tools to create effective marketing content, and then work out ways to spread the word to your target audience.

Marketing may seem like a daunting, time-intensive, full-time job, but we’ve been working hard to change that. With Audioburst Creators you can grow your audience, using free tools to promote your podcast, with no previous know-how required. 

Creators uses AI to cut your content into bursts – short snippets of your content that you can edit and share, in audio or video format, to your social channels, website, fans and followers, wherever they may be. You’ll also receive transcripts of your episodes, every time you publish, that you can add to your website and show notes to improve your SEO.

In addition, we’ve created the ultimate podcast marketing checklist, so you know exactly how to market your podcast, which tools to utilize and how to manage them, so that every second you spend on promotion is actively increasing your discoverability. 

Reach Out – Capitalize on Your Community

You’re not alone! Learning from other podcasters and sharing experiences is essential – and that’s why we also have our own Creators Community, so you can instantly connect with other podcasters to share tips, discuss challenges and learn those crucial lessons from others treading the path with you. With this single resource, you can see who’s out there, find out what your podcast peers are saying and doing, and seek out fresh sources of inspiration. You can also reach out to partner up, guesting on one another‘s podcasts and cross-promoting through social media to build your respective brands.

Have a favorite time-saving tool you’d like to share with us? Let us know on Twitter!
Ready to get the word out? Market your podcast with Audioburst Creators! 

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