Audio Recording Through the Ages

In the modern world where we have access to whatever music and audio we like on demand, it’s crazy to think that just over 160 years ago none of this was possible. Whilst today huge libraries of audio content (like Audioburst’s) exist, there used to be no recorded sound or audio at all as technology simply hadn’t developed to that stage. It was a totally different world! We’re so used to being able to listen to music whenever we like but it wasn’t that long ago that all music was live, and there was no real music industry to speak of. No chilling with your favorite track on your way into work!

So, if you’ve ever wondered about the history of audio technology and how we got from no recorded sound at all to being able to carry around thousands of songs in a device that fits in our pockets, wonder no further. McGowan Transcriptions have put together the following infographic to explore the intriguing history of sound recording technology. It covers all the key developments, from the earliest acoustic technology through to iPods, smartphones, and digital storage. Take a look below to find out about the awesome inventions that made the modern music scene possible!