6 Smart Headphones That Will Transform Your Workout and Commute

Whether you’re an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Siri kind of household, we can all agree that it’s pretty great to have a smart assistant within shouting distance. When you’re home, it can help you with a plethora of tasks, from telling you the next step in a complicated recipe to dimming the lights to getting live, relevant updates from top news outlets. Now you can have a smart assistant by your side at all times with smart headphones powered by voice assistants. These smart headphones are looking to change the way you workout, shop, manage your calendar, and order food when you’re on-the-go – check out our six favorite pairs.

1. OV by OnVocal | Alexa, Google, and Siri

These bluetooth headphones are compatible with all three voice assistants and you can use them to choose which song you want to listen or even order flowers for a loved one. With over eight hours of battery life, you can use them all day without giving it a second thought.

Price: $299

2. QuietComfort 35 by Bose | Google 

Sure, the noise cancellation and sound quality on the QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones is great, but what’s even better is being able to play music, receive texts, and manage your to-do list – all with your voice.

Price: $350

3. The Dash Pro by Bragi | Alexa

These wireless smart headphones are compatible with Alexa, and they take it a step further by offering innovative ways to track your fitness workouts. With 23 sensors in each ear The Dash counts your steps and monitors your heart rate and analyzes other fitness metrics. It’s also waterproof which make it perfect for swimmers. Fun fact: Audioburst was one of the first skills included in The Dash Pro at launch.

Price: $329

4. Vinci by Vinci | Alexa

This is essentially a standalone music player built into a pair of headphones. With a gorgeous color touch screen with an easy-to-use UI and the option for 16 or 32GB of storage, Vinci really sets itself apart from the crowd. It’s Alexa-compatible and uses dual-mic noise reduction technology that filters out ambient noise so it can hear your commands clearly even if you’re on a crowded train.

Price: $150

5. AirPods by Apple | Siri

Apple’s first wireless smart headphones contain a W1 chip that improves connectivity and manages battery power. Like magic, smart sensors know to play audio as soon as you put the buds in your ears and to pause when you take them out. Simply double-tap to talk to Siri without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Price: $220

6. Pixel Buds by Google | Google

Ready for the future? Google’s wireless Pixel Buds has a truly special feature: it offers real-time translation for over 40 languages with virtually zero lag time. It has the potential to change the way we communicate with each other across cultures.

Price: $160

Want to learn more? Here’s an audio clip that talks about Pixel Bud’s real-time translation feature from This Week In Google: