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What to expect at Podcast Movement 2021 – an interview with Dan Franks

Podcast Movement is the world’s largest community of podcasters, and this year’s Podcast Movement conference in Nashville, Tennessee, will be one of the largest gatherings ever of audio creators. 

We will be there to present some innovative tools for podcasters so make sure to visit us at booth #8!

And if you haven’t yet, you can still register and select the in-person or virtual track.

In the meantime, we sat down with the President of Podcast Movement, Dan Franks, and picked his brain on how you can make the most of the show.

Why attend this year? What’s different, new, and exciting?

Despite all the craziness this year, we’ve got one of the strongest lineups we’ve ever had. 

From the keynote stage, all the way down to the various breakout sessions, there will be hundreds of hours of education that anyone in podcasting will be able to learn from.

What booths should we be sure to visit? What exciting companies are exhibiting?

Of course Audioburst, with your innovative offerings that are constantly evolving will be a can’t miss booth. 

Beyond that, one of the most enjoyable things for podcasters is always going to be checking out new gear and microphones, and that will absolutely be something that can be done. 

However, this year there will be a whole lot of exhibitors from what I would call ancillary services. 

For example, this is the first year Hubspot is with us, which is the ultimate marketer’s dream software. They’ll be there teaching podcasters how they can take advantage of the same tools and techniques that some of the most successful companies in the world use. 

And there are dozens of other examples of great companies to meet and interact with.

What technologies and 2021 trends do you expect to be discussed at the show?

There is so much innovation happening in the industry that sometimes what is shared on stage is just now coming out, or maybe even unveiled at the event! 

This question is best answered after the event once we find out what everyone has announced and shared.

What sessions are not to be missed?

This is like asking a parent who their favorite child is. If we didn’t think the sessions would be great, we would not have selected them! 

What I encourage attendees, both in-person and virtual, to do is spend some time on the mobile app or event platform a few days before the event, and really look into what sessions are happening at any given time. 

You can add them to your custom schedule, and “choose your own adventure” so that the event is tailor-made to you and your needs.

Any networking tips?

The best way to network is to get started early. Get on the mobile app or event platform and check out who is going to be in attendance with you. Connect with them ahead of time so that you have some familiar faces waiting for you when you get to the event.

Some of our team members will be visiting Nashville for the first time in their lives. What should I tell them to make sure they don’t miss? 

Obviously the music! 

Thursday night we’ve got an offsite party in the heart of the music district, so that will definitely be a good chance to check out the sounds of the city. 

Nashville also is known to have a great food scene, so venturing out of the hotel and eating some of the local cuisines is recommended if you get a chance.

Thanks for taking the time to talk during what must be an extremely busy time. This certainly does sound like an incredible event and we can’t wait to meet everyone in Nashville soon!

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