IoT Innovator selects Audioburst as a 2018 Gold Award Winner

IoT Innovator is published by WestWorldWide, LLC and is dedicated to the Internet of Things market, with a focus on informing and educating readers with the most recent and meaningful news, trends, threat alerts and product updates.”

Their annual IoT Innovator Awards “are designed to uncover and honor the best Internet of Things businesses and individuals across the globe.”

Audioburst is honored to be announced as the 2018 Gold Award Winner in the category of Best IoT Service – Consumer.

Over the course of this summer, we announced several new partnerships that have furthered our mission of organizing the world’s audio and exposing it to new audiences in relevant and personalized ways. From smart, personalized playlists that adapt to the listener’s individualized habits, to a powerful AI-fueled audio search engine pulling up-to-the-minute results from one of the most extensive audio libraries in the world, Audioburst’s APIs help developers incorporate audio into any app or product to enrich the user experience.

Our solutions can now be found in products from brands such as Top Buzz, News Republic, Bose, Radioline, and Harman, and the Audioburst APIs are available on our developer’s site.

Our win in the IoT Consumer Service category demonstrates our continued commitment to bringing audio on demand to users through high-quality audio, accessibility, and personalization.