124 Hidden Amazon Alexa Easter Eggs Every Alexa User Should Know [Infographic]

Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most popular voice assistants and connected home hubs out there.

Amazon Echo and Dot, the main Alexa-enabled devices, are so popular, that they are almost impossible to get online. Even Amazon’s spokesperson recommends that if you happen to see one for sale – grab it right away.

There’s no doubt that the secret to Amazon’s device’s success is in its connected-home system, Alexa.

From being the center hub to your Mark Zuckerberg’s-like smart home to simply giving you the right answers when you need them Alexa is one of the best connected-home assistants in the market.

To get the most out of your Alexa device, you can either enable 3rd party skills from the Amazon Alexa store (like News Feed, for example), but you can also use its built-in skills that come natively with the device.

But wait, there’s more.

In addition to the popular uses and familiar skills, there are a bunch of hidden invocations and not-so-well-known questions you can ask it – and get great answers on.

We’ve collected 124 Amazon Alexa must-know voice commands that you might not know of.

Some will make you more productive.
Some will make you laugh.
Some will get you playing with your Echo all day long.
In any case, you’ve got a long day ahead of you.

So go ahead and dive into the 124 Alexa commands.

Click on the image to enlarge - Feel free to embed to your blog

Click on the image to enlarge – Feel free to embed to your blog