Audioburst Survey Reveals: Users Crave Podcasts in Apps

92% of apps plan on adding talk audio content, while 78% of users
say they engage longer in apps with audio

June 15, 2021 – Palo Alto, CA – Audioburst, the audio search and delivery platform, today released the first-ever survey evaluating attitudes of mobile app publishers and users towards talk audio integration into non-audio apps. According to the surveyAudio: An App’s Best Friend – The 2021 App Podcast Integration Report, mobile app publishers see talk audio content integration as a clear way to stand out and increase engagement.

“This is the first time I have seen someone objectively measure the impact of audio content in mobile apps. I wasn’t surprised that audio delivers benefits. What I did not anticipate is the size of the impact and the level of interest among mobile app publishers that you wouldn’t normally associate with audio,” said Bret Kinsella, Founder and Editor of and CEO of Voicebot Research.  

“The data really tells the story. From the supply side, mobile app publishers like audio because it increases user time spent in their apps. It can do this by delivering talk audio in the context of the app and not just random feeds. This is a feature enhancement. From the demand side, consumers are seeking out more talk audio through podcasts and social audio, so it makes sense that they are primed to enjoy this as a new feature in their favorite mobile apps.”

Report highlights:

Podcast hunger is greater than ever

  • Podcast listening has increased for 52% of app users this year, with 59% of users listening regularly.
  • 57% of people choose talk audio over video because it enables them to get on with other tasks, 44% say it keeps their eyes off screens, and 40% enjoy being hands-free.
  • 78% of users spend more time engaging with apps when they are infused with audio.
  • Podcast discovery is a challenge for 60% of consumers.
  • Consumers feel better about consuming audio (54%) than any other format.

Mobile app publishers are bullish on audio

  • 78% of app publishers see audio as complimentary, while only 6% believe audio competes with the app content and experience. 
  • 99% of publishers see the benefit of adding audio to their apps. The biggest benefit reported is increased time spent in the app. 
  • 58% of publishers report lacking audio monetization tools, while 24% do not have original audio content to monetize.  
  • Only 14% of app publishers say their top business goal for 2021 is increasing revenue. Longer engagement (time in-app) topped the list with 48%.

“Talk audio is the best accompanying experience and users want to consume it everywhere, including their favorite games and apps,” said Amir Hirsh, Co-founder and CEO of Audioburst. “This explains why 92% of apps are planning on adding talk audio. There’s a unique opportunity to engage users by giving them more of what they want, within the app experience.”

Audioburst recently launched its Platform for Apps, the world’s first podcast feed for mobile apps. While providing incremental, recurring revenue for the thousands of app developers looking to increase app monetization, it also offers consumers personalized, up-to-the-minute audio content within their favorite apps.  

The full report is available for download here