Amplify Your Reach

Audioburst is a tool for broadcasters and content creators like you to get the most of your audio content. It's free and easy to add your content to our library to reach a whole new audience of engaged listeners.


Expose your content to search engines and apps

Our technology automatically indexes and segments your shows to create snippets or what we call, “bursts.” We surface the most compelling, entertaining, climactic moments on your radio show to cross-promote and target segmented audiences across apps, popular smart home devices and in-car entertainment systems. What’s more, with Audioburst Analytics you can track and measure the distribution of your content and user engagement.


Dominate the conversation

Audioburst has the largest (and growing) audio library centered around metadata tagging, which makes your content searchable by keyword. And with our automated transcription, people can find bursts from your shows in real time. Listeners can discover your shows through search engines, smart speakers, virtual assistants, and in-car entertainment systems. Audioburst brings your content to your audience, wherever they are listening - driving more fans and followers back to your shows.


Make your content irresistible

Because bursts are easily searched, shared, credited, collected, and linked to their original long-form source, your content has the ability to reach new heights. Discover new ways to distribute and monetize your content through promotions, sponsored playlists, and personalized offers.

Your audio content has yet to reach its full potential

From plug-and-play features to more advanced and customizable modules, our technology seamlessly integrates into your existing broadcasting infrastructure, so you can maximize your content’s reach.

Automated Transcription

State-of-the-art ASR transcribes audio content in real time.

Metadata Tagging

Consistent and accurate keyword association makes audio content searchable and accessible across digital platforms.

Content Segmentation

Proprietary AI platform separates audio into distinct “bursts” that are easily searched, credited, and linked to original source.

Leverage the power of your content in the digital world.

Add your content to the world’s largest growing library of audio content. It's free, easy, and powerful.

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