7 Movie Review Podcasts to Get You Ready for Awards Season

From Bladerunner 2049 to Get Out, 2017 has been chock full of films that have everyone talking (and we’ve still got a month to go!). With film awards season just around the corner, we want to make sure you’re up to date on all of the latest releases. We’ve rounded up our favorite movie review podcasts, that feature in-depth interviews with your favorite directors or give you the fast take you need. If you’re the type of person who loves making Oscars ballots with your friends and enjoys dropping the word “diegetic” into everyday conversation, these podcasts are for you.

1. The Next Picture Show | Filmspotting

Each week hosts Scott Tobias, Keith Phipps, Tasha Robinson, and Rachel Handler get together to talk about how a classic film has shaped their take on a new release. This refreshing approach gives each new release context within film history, inviting listeners to go beyond a straightforward review.

“‘It’s a great film, asterisk’ is a great way to describe it. My experience in the theater watching [Mother] was pretty much the split that’s developed over whether it’s a good or bad movie, whether it’s overly obvious or a terrific piece of filmmaking.”

2. The Director’s Cut | Director’s Guild of America

How often do you get to hear your favorite directors talk in-depth about the ins and outs of their newest film? The Director’s Guild of America’s podcast brings you just that with fresh and insightful interviews featuring top directors sharing behind the scenes anecdotes, in-depth script breakdowns, and on-set challenges on their most recent releases.

“We love what we do and we get to talk about it anytime we want which is mostly a good thing but sometimes when you’re brushing your teeth and you have an idea and you want to talk about it, your partner may not be eager.”

3. Filmspotting | WBEZ

Can’t decide which movie to catch this weekend? We’ve all been there. Filmspotting takes the stress out of potential film FOMO by giving their fast take on the new releases of the week. They also share informative top five lists that can help you load up on film trivia.

4. Little Gold Men | Vanity Fair

Want to be the most in-the-know at your next Oscars party? Little Gold Men pulls back the curtain on the Oscars race, covering everything from the glitzy premieres to the incredulous acceptance speeches and all the highs and lows in between. It also explores the fascinating history of the Oscars and ruminates on the complex politics behind who wins Best Picture.

“The big asset for [Bladerunner 2049] is the visual grandeur of the movie, the music, this Han Zimmer rattling aural soundscape. They’re so overwhelming in a good way…that the thinness I saw underneath it might just not bother other people.”

5. Lights, Camera, Podcast! 

Here’s a high-energy movie podcast hosted by an electric trio, made up of Jeff Lowe, Kenjac, and Trilly, that is as fun as it is informative. Not only do they offer their brutally honest opinions on current box office releases, they also love debating everything movies: from best comic book adaptations to worst films of all time.

“The original Superman is considered one of the best comic movies of all times. It hits all the right beats for being a Superman movie, Christopher Reeves is Superman for a lot of different people. People who are 40 and 50 right now, this is probably their favorite comic book movie cause it was the only good one in forever.”

6. /Filmcast and /Film Daily | /Films

If you want to take a bite into the geek/genre side of the movie-verse, /Filmcast and it’s companion podcast, /Film Daily, are exactly what you need. /Filmcast is a weekly podcast that delves into the latest films, with a focus on sharing well-formed opinions on films with a particular fandom and outlining trends within the industry. /Film Daily is a daily broadcast that airs every weekday and offers breaking news on entertainment-related announcements, releases, and controversies.

“I find the Thor franchise in general to be the least essential of the Marvel films but the trailer for [Thor Ragnorak] had me really excited and also the cast, it has a great cast. It just sort of.. it’s very funny, but beyond that the script is very weak. There’s no depth to it, is the best way I can put it.”

7. Filmhaus | Rooster Teeth

This zany bi-weekly podcast will ensure that you impress friends with quippy, film-school-like analysis of newly released films. After discussing new releases, they spend the second half of each episode talking at-length about a classic film, which they announce to their listeners beforehand so everyone has time to watch it and join in on the discussion.

“I don’t want to say Ryan Gosling has range in [Bladerunner 2049], but he has subtle range. I feel like this movie played that perfectly especially because he’s an android/robot/replicant thing. When he had those moments when he burst out, it had more weight as opposed to someone who’s always charismatic or funny.”